With the heavy winter months ahead and the upcoming arctic freeze, you might be noticing the air being a bit dryer. The harsh winter weather doesn’t just affect your skin, it dries your hair as well! If you want to keep your locks luscious and full, here are some tips to combat that dryness!

  1. Wash less. Less shampoo means more moisture. Although not washing as often makes some hair feel oily, most of us have discovered dry shampoo and how it allows us to skip a shower or two. But in the winter, it can live up to its name a little too literally and dry hair out. You can get around this y putting dry shampoo not right on your root, but on the mid shaft of your hair and put a conditioning oil on the ends. Try our Sassy Lengths “Would I Dry To You?” Dry Shampoo! ($26)
  2. Layer with care. It’s easy to get tied up in your scarf while piling on the layers to beat the cold. But that could cause your hair to get tangled and if its dry – could cause damage. When putting on your winter sweaters and scarves, part your hair down the back of your head in the middle as if you were making low pigtails, pull towards the front, then wrap your scarf around your neck.
  3. Splurge on a boar bristle brush. Not only will it feel good on your scalp, it’s great for circulation and can breath new life into limp and dry hair. Give a good brush through at night before you go to sleep and one in the morning and your hair will look and feel moisturized.
  4. Deep condition. Getting a deep conditioning treatment regularly, or buying an at-home product,  will not only strengthen your hair, it will help retain its moisture—especially if you chose to keep highlighting through the winter. Try our Sassy Lengths Extreme Conditioning Mask with Keratin – we can also add your color to it to keep your color all year long! ($24 – $28)